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About the Aviation Club

The Aviation Club at the University of St.Gallen is a Student Association started in 2017 and officially recognised by the University of St.Gallen. Our aim is to create a bonding between students and the actors operating in the aviation industry. The Aviation Club provides as a dual-connecting platform for students and passionate within the University and between the Students and the World of Aviation. With our events, organised in collaboration with multiple partners, we are able to allow special insights and lay the base for future career opportunities in the sector of aviation. We want to make our Events accessible to everyone, this is the reason we are striving with hard work and with volunteering to maintain the membership for free.


You want to meet people who share your fascination for aviation? Drop by and join our discussions!


You get goosebumps by the roaring of an airplane engine? We do too!



You want to get in touch with people from the aviation industry? We can connect you!


You dream of working in the aviation sector? Join our company visits to get in touch with various companies!

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